as my own kid

ago, Liu had to stay in bed due to a waist injury. One day, when only she and Yiding were home, t▓he then-14-year-o

s."Liu already had

ld girl volunteered to bri▓ng her a glass of water. It seems natural ▓for an ordinary child of that age, but Liu knew▓ only too well how valuable it was for a child like ▓Yidin

two children be

g. She was moved to tears."I felt all those years of c▓aring were not in vain," she said. "Although Yiding is not g▓ood at expressing her thoughts, she knew her mom was too ill

fore she became

to get out of bed and needed care."Xinying was 4 years old when she was sent▓ to Liu's home. Liu tried to teach her how to ca▓ll her "mom" every day. But over a year passed

a foster mothe

and Xinying still did not know how to pronounce it. Liu was anxious.On a fall morning in 2016, Xinying suddenly opened her mouth and called out "mom" twice. "I was too excite

r. Her own child

d to say anything, and urged her to call me several mor▓e times," Liu said.The orphanage calculates a birthday for every child based on a health ass▓essment when they were re

ren were already t

ceived. Yiding's birthday is on May 12.May 13 marked the last Mother's Da▓y Yiding spent with Liu. According to regulations, foster children have to be transferred to a soci

eenagers when sh

e took in her first fo

al welfare institute when they turn 18. Yiding needs to leave the home where she has spent▓ the past 15 years.Liu knows that Yiding must go and l


ster chil▓d, Yiding,

earn to be independent, but she said she hate▓s saying goodbye to her daughter."I taug▓ht her some basic embroidery skills and hopefully she can


at the age of 3 in

find a job," Liu said. But she knows that Yid▓ing's future is full of uncertainty.Liu has spent 15 years raising orphans by herself. "Includ


2003."I never forget

ing my own, I'm proud to say that I have 12 children," she said.In Huifeng village, in Yinchuan's Yongning county, 100 disabled orphans are no


ring a cute litt

w living with 57 foster families. Over the past 17 years, 328

le hat and was

children have live

so adorab

d in 102 households.Yang Jinkai, 27, was lucky t

  • o spend his childhood in a foster home. He now ha▓s a job and is comfortable interacting with societ▓y."In addition to material satisfacti

    le."Liu thought

    it would 

  • on, I found psycholog▓ical comfort from my foster parents and siblings▓," Yang said. "Without them, I would have become a kid with

    not be a

    problem to

  • out parents."Du Yong, head of the Ningxia children'▓s welfare home, said compared with children who are raised ▓in a welfare institution,

    care for the


harder t▓

children fro

han she ex

m foster families

pected. Fr

are emotionall

om teachin

y healthier. T

g Yiding how to

he parent-child relationsh

use the b▓ath

room to being wi

th her when she

received trea▓tment, Liu neve

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